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Engineered Wood 

We supply and fit a selection of engineered wood floors from reputable brands Quick Step, Elka, Timbertop, Ted Todd and Woodpecker. All of which have finishes that have been manufactured with a careful selection of raw materials combined with a perfect control of moisture content during the manufacturing process. This can guarantee the optimum stability and durability of your wooden floor.

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Engineered wood has a backing of well constructed boards that are effectively layers of plywood which have been bonded together. The backing is then given a top wear layer which is usually around 4mm thick (it varies with each range) of solid wood. 

One of the main benefits of an engineered wood floor, rather than solid wood, is that it can handle moisture levels a lot better. If you have concerns that your subfloor may be slightly damp or the room is slightly humid then an engineered wood floor with a good quality foil underlay would be the best option.

Please be aware that although wood is long lasting, it is actually a soft, natural material which can be easily dented or scratched. 

If you are looking for a wood plank floor with a harder wearing surface then a laminate floor may be a better option for you.

We use the same underlay when fitting wood and laminate floors. This is a high density, 3.6mm thick rubber underlay which has a 'vapour stop' barrier to prevent moisture damage and eliminate the need for extra moisture protection. This underlay is perfect for overcoming any minor imperfections in the subfloor and suitable for underfloor heating systems. Other foam underlays are available for customers who are having to keep to a strict budget or who are just laying the floor on a temporary basis.

Room Preparation
When it is time to have your wood or laminate floor fitted it can be quite a major job to remove all of your furniture to prepare the room. Please let us know if you need a hand with this, our fitters are happy to move larger items when necessary so you don't need to struggle. We always ask that you remove as many of your belongings as possible to allow our fitters to move large items such as shelving units with ease and to prevent any breakages. Occasionally for very excessive amounts of furniture to be removed there may be a small extra charge, but this is something that can be discussed at consultation. 

Your new flooring might be much thicker than your previous one particularly if you didn't have laminate or wood in place before, so it may be necessary to trim any doors to get the correct amount of clearance and to save damaging the new floor. This is something that our fitters are able to do if necessary which will be discussed in the consultation.

We can supply and fit a variety of wooden floors including the popular oak, maple and walnut, please contact us for further information.


Once the loose dirt and dust has been removed occasionally mop you floor with a damp mop using the Quick Step cleaning fluid. Please be sparing when washing the floors as exposure to too much water is unnecessary and may cause permanent damage to the floor. Washing wooden floors is only recommended very occasionally. To dry, simply wipe the floor with a dry microfiber cloth or mop to remove an excess surface moisture.

For Oiled floors after every 4 moist cleans with the standard cleaning solution you can use Quick Step Oil Care solution which gets diluted in water and should be applied with a damp mop. This will hide any light surface scratches, prevents cracks and the need for re-oiling.

If you find rubber soled shoes are leaving marks on the floor simply rub with a dry cloth, any other spills or stains need to be dealt with as soon as possible using a damp cloth.

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